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Stained Glass projects

Hey world and whoever may stumble onto this blog post :-)

I am hoping you have had a chance to look at my surrealism photography and get an idea of what my aims are as an artist and creator.

On a recent visit to Dublin, Ireland my friend took me to Dublin City Gallery. There I came across a set of stained glass exhibits which took my breath away, I had never seen anything like it before. It was the work of Irish artist Harry Clarke, I am going to do a separate blog post about him and go into more detail of his genius but here are some examples of the work displayed.

I have always loved stained glass, growing up going to Church I was fascinated by the way light from the outside changed and become spiritual and had an ethereal quality.

So I thought about the light which comes from my surreal world and enters our reality.

What if my images where made of glass and they became a conduit of light from a surreal world entering ours.

So I decided I would convert 10 of my images from digital art to traditional leaded stained glass. Obviously not taking into account how difficult this technique is and labour intensive!

When I say it is hard i mean it is REALLY HARD!!!! And I now understand why so few people do it and why its so expensive.

Anyway wanted to share some images of my first solo piece I made in my workshop, working on a few more pieces before I go onto doing the pieces for the exhibition, need to hone my skills and learn alot before I get to the level I want, but I am really proud of this, would be great to know what you think.

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