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Welcome to the first What I See When surrealism artist blog

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Surrelism, photography, art, blog

Hi all, welcome to my first blog. Thought I would start by explaining where my project came from.

It was inspired by the experiences of my late father Inayat John who lived with Parkinsons Disease and suffered from quite extreme hallucinations which altered his perception of reality and mine too.

He would see things which were not visible to me but very real to him, so real that he would call the police, or even physically sweating when he would have certain visions.

My dad was a very proud man and very active and entrepreneurial, seeing his health descend as it did was tough to see.

My way of coping was to see the world around me on my commute to work and back and imagine what these buildings, street lamps and other things could be in a surreal alternate world.

I began seeing flowers bloom from street lamps, buildings come to life as giant robots and spiders sprouting from trees.

The main concept of what I do and what I ask of people who see my work is to question everything you see...this extends to everything in our lives. We are overloaded with information telling us a version of reality and truth, we must always question what we see, and what is our reality.

Be great to know what you think and to hear from you. You can see more of my images on the Artworks page or can get in touch with through the contact page

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