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The genius of Nikola Tesla

Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla?

No not the car company or Elon Musk!

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

I am talking about the real Nikola Tesla, because this guy was a straight-up genius when it came to inventing things. He invented:

  • AC Power (alternating current)

  • Tesla Coil

  • Magnifying Transmitter

  • Tesla Turbine

  • Shadowgraph

  • Radio

  • Neon Lamp

  • Hydroelectric Power

  • Induction Motor

  • Radio Controlled Boat

Born in 1856 in what is now Croatia, Tesla studied at the Austrian Polytechnic in Graz before moving to the United States in 1884. One of his most famous inventions was the alternating current (AC) motor. Before Tesla came along, the only type of motor that existed was the direct current (DC) motor, which had some major limitations. But Tesla's AC motor was way more efficient and could transmit electrical power over long distances. This was a huge deal because it made it possible for electricity to be used in homes and industries all over the world.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Tesla was once employed by Thomas Edison, who was great inventor himself, but he was more business minded and was not afraid to fight dirty! Edison pioneered the DC electricity system and was making lots of money from it, then Tesla comes along with the safe and cheaper AC system. Edison went to great lengths to try and discredit Tesla. Edison took out newspaper ads saying how AC would kill you, he even gave live demonstrations by electrocuting animals!

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison

Another one of his inventions that's still used today is the Tesla coil, a high-frequency transformer that's used in radio and television technology. He also worked on wireless communication and made a big impact on the development of radio.

But that's not all, Tesla also came up with an early form of the X-ray, a high-voltage power generator, and a system for wireless power transmission. He even had the idea for a "world wireless system" that would provide free electricity to everyone on the planet. Can you imagine?

Even though Tesla was a genius, he didn't have the best luck when it came to money and recognition for his inventions. He died in 1943 at the age of 86, without getting the credit he deserved. But even though he didn't get the recognition he deserved during his lifetime, his legacy lives on and continues to inspire future generations of scientists and inventors.

Tesla Statue at Niagara Falls, Canada
Tesla Statue at Niagara Falls, Canada

The Niagara Falls power station was officially opened in 1896, and it was the first large-scale hydroelectric power station in the world. The success of the project helped to establish Tesla's reputation as a pioneering inventor and helped pave the way for the widespread adoption of AC power.

In short, Nikola Tesla was a brilliant inventor and engineer who made some seriously game-changing inventions. His AC motor, Tesla coil, and wireless power transmission laid the foundation for much of the technology we use today. So next time you turn on a light or listen to the radio, just remember that this genius inventor had a hand in making it all possible.

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